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I have finally eliminated the fungus under my toenail. It's been there almost 2 years. First I tried an prescription medication my doctor gave me for 3 months. It did nothing. Then I used an over the counter treatment, a second liquid that you paint on the nail bed at night, and it was as useless as the Rx I got from my doctor. Finally, after reading through this site I deduced that people had success often after they filed the nail down. So I clipped the excess, the thick part of the nail, with a nal clipper and then used an ordinary brown emery board to file the nail until it was as thin as a healthy nail should be. Then every night before bed I used a Q-tip to paint 100% pure chlorine bleach across the nail. I was worried that the bleach would irritate nearby skin but it was never a problem. When I remembered to do so, I painted the nail in the morning as well. I didn't soak it--just swabbed the nail so that it was damp, let it dry, then went about my business as usual. In 2 weeks I noticed that the new nail growing in was pink. Now it's been a month and there is only a tiny strip of yellow nail (the oldest part) left. That will be gone shortly when I clip it away as the nail grows. This has been the cheapest, easiest, fastest method I have ever seen to get rid of nail fungus. I pray I never get another fungus under my toenail, but if I do I know exactly how to get rid of it fast.

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I Like Turtles!

I just started the Clorox yesterday. I cleaned an empty nail polish bottle and brush, filled it with bleach, and brushed it on my nails and surrounding skin last night. My nails immediately turned black/dark brown on the edges, the skin turned a little orange, and some toes also bubbled a little as if they were in peroxide or something. There was no pain, however. Is this a normal reaction with bleach?


If the bleach doesn't work, you most likely have a Candida overgrowth which is a more serious problem.

I Like Turtles!

I had 4 toenails that were so dark brown they were almost black. I filed the nails down until I thought filing any more would be painful, even thinner than normal nails. I started applying bleach once a day after showering. Two of the nails are now more of a light brown color and the other 2 are chocolatey brown with clear streaks. The bleach is definitely working so far.


So after reading the post to use straight bleach last night, this is what I did. I filed the nail on my left big toenail as much as possible but don't have a fresh nail file, so then I put the bleach on it. This morning after my shower I put more bleach on. This afternoon I noticed patches of white but also it has now lifted and turned mustard yellow, so I stick my foot up on my sink counter and to my surprise, dispute how hard it was to even file it down last night, I was actually able to take off most the top layers of nail with just my own fingers and a small amount of help from my nail clippers. Just need to get a better nail file for the cuticle area. Share did I discover? The remaining later of clear nail before you hit what's under the total nail layers... Clear and pink.... So even over night I am seeing a difference. NOW it just looks like I busted my nail off. so I will continue with this treatment until my new nail comes in.
Just letting everyone know, its only the outside half r my nail that has infection, so I cleared healthy nail about a half centimeter next to the infection, just in case.


I just wanted everyone to know that I have been doing this for exactly 7 days and my new nail is starting to come in. Its pink and healthy. Who knew bleach could fix a toe nail infection!!!


I have been using the Clorox method on my toe fungus for 3 days. Thru trial and error I've decided that this is what works for me. After a shower I file the nail. Then put a piece of cotton all under a band aid and cover the nail. Using a medicine dropper saturate cotton ball (while on toe) then put on cotton socks. I've left the bandaid on all day, saturate cotton ball very chance you get. At night after shower file nail more, place new cotton ball and bandaid.continue as many days as needed. After 3 days mine is almost gone.


Day 5 and my toes look better. The one on the left foot is going better than the right. The right is taking longer. Half of the left big toe nail is gone. The right is still very thick but not as brown. I will keep at it. Just a caution be cafefull when filing not to get the skin around it because the bleach will burn a lot.

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