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I have finally eliminated the fungus under my toenail. It's been there almost 2 years. First I tried an prescription medication my doctor gave me for 3 months. It did nothing. Then I used an over the counter treatment, a second liquid that you paint on the nail bed at night, and it was as useless as the Rx I got from my doctor. Finally, after reading through this site I deduced that people had success often after they filed the nail down. So I clipped the excess, the thick part of the nail, with a nal clipper and then used an ordinary brown emery board to file the nail until it was as thin as a healthy nail should be. Then every night before bed I used a Q-tip to paint 100% pure chlorine bleach across the nail. I was worried that the bleach would irritate nearby skin but it was never a problem. When I remembered to do so, I painted the nail in the morning as well. I didn't soak it--just swabbed the nail so that it was damp, let it dry, then went about my business as usual. In 2 weeks I noticed that the new nail growing in was pink. Now it's been a month and there is only a tiny strip of yellow nail (the oldest part) left. That will be gone shortly when I clip it away as the nail grows. This has been the cheapest, easiest, fastest method I have ever seen to get rid of nail fungus. I pray I never get another fungus under my toenail, but if I do I know exactly how to get rid of it fast.

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Tired Nails

After reading all these testimonies, I am confident that this will work. I can't remember the last time my nails were normal. I've been using the Bleach applying it diectly with a Q-tip after I wash my feet, cut my nails down as far as I can and file them. So far they've been looking clean!!!I'm very excited about having to wear sandals. Do you know how long it will take for the new nails to grow back?

pink toe nails

I had toe nail fungus for about 3 years. the big toes are most affected. I tried tea tree oil for a long time, it helped a bit, but I didn't want to keep using it for the rest of my the smell is unpleasant and I can't use it in the morning.

A couple of weeks ago I discovered bleach. I soaked my feet in warm diluted bleach water twice a day for half hour, I used a hair blow dryer to dry my feet afterwards. I saw a significant change in 2 days. the big toe nails are now pink and clear the next morning without me applying anything on, they look normal, you wouldn't tell if I have toe nail fungus, they are still a little bit thick, but I hope the new growth will be thin. I also use a Q tip to apply pure bleach around the edges. I plan to use it a little longer and hopefully the new growth will be normal and thin.

Bleach is working wonder for me in such a short period of time. I can wear sandals without worrying about ppl seeing my ugly big toes. it does not make the nails brittle and dry. you just have to be careful not to put too much bleach in warm water, it can burn your skin. when applying pure bleach around the edge of the nails, it can cause a little bit yellow discoloration.


That is so awesome! Its very encouraging to hear that you were able to cure your toenail fungus easily. I know people that have had a really had time getting ride of their toenail fungus and they have to go get laser treatment. Its not exactly the cheapest option but they said it worked very well.

I wanted to share this site that shows before and after photos of laser treatment patients. If you cant find any luck ordering prescription or are not seeing a breakthrough you might want to consider laser treatment.

Head over to to view the photo's. Clean toes are on the way!


I enjoyed reading your blog. You present very helpful information and inspiring information. Do you know anyone who has tried laser treatment? I know a few people that have tried some home remedies and for some they work but others have such a hard time getting the fungus to leave. I wanted to just recommend a page that shows pictures of successful laser treatments. Here it is


Does your nail fall off? Some I read said your nail will fall off. Ive had it on my toenails for several years and now it has spread to my fingernails. I can't stand it!! It makes my fingernails look dirty. I can't have all my nails falling off!


What kind of bleach did you use????


I came up with the bleach idea; it kills everything. My sister came up with an effective way to keep it working for the lengthiest period of time and with the best saturation. Simply take a small bit of tissue and work it under the nail that is affected. Use a q'tip to keep it wet with bleach as often as possible. The bleach takes a long time to evaporate and the results are astounding. Bye Bye toe nail fungi,..and I had it for 14 years!


Oh! I forgot to mention that I was also able to wear nail polish and sandals with this process. It's summer and who wants unsightly cut back nails. Just change the tissue once a day and keep it saturated at every opportunity.


RE: Doctor's prescriptions (oral)

Oral prescriptions DO work, but there are TWO DIFFERENT kinds of infection that causes nail fungus. One is fungus, the other is yeast. If the doc doesn't send a sample to the lab to find out which or both you have, you may not get the right prescription and you'll still have the battle. You need two different prescriptions if you have both types.


Could you tell me if you're supposed to run the emery board over the nail plate too?

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