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I have finally eliminated the fungus under my toenail. It's been there almost 2 years. First I tried an prescription medication my doctor gave me for 3 months. It did nothing. Then I used an over the counter treatment, a second liquid that you paint on the nail bed at night, and it was as useless as the Rx I got from my doctor. Finally, after reading through this site I deduced that people had success often after they filed the nail down. So I clipped the excess, the thick part of the nail, with a nal clipper and then used an ordinary brown emery board to file the nail until it was as thin as a healthy nail should be. Then every night before bed I used a Q-tip to paint 100% pure chlorine bleach across the nail. I was worried that the bleach would irritate nearby skin but it was never a problem. When I remembered to do so, I painted the nail in the morning as well. I didn't soak it--just swabbed the nail so that it was damp, let it dry, then went about my business as usual. In 2 weeks I noticed that the new nail growing in was pink. Now it's been a month and there is only a tiny strip of yellow nail (the oldest part) left. That will be gone shortly when I clip it away as the nail grows. This has been the cheapest, easiest, fastest method I have ever seen to get rid of nail fungus. I pray I never get another fungus under my toenail, but if I do I know exactly how to get rid of it fast.

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Michelle McGuire-Ziegeman

I have been using acrylic tips on my nails & got fungus! I Found some drops that you use with the nails on but did not kill it....
took the nails off (after too long!) &me using a bit of bleach in my cleaning water @ home totally killed the fungus YAY...I used a mild solution of bleach/ water/suds. Make it a GREAT day!


When you put the bleach on after you filed the nails down, did the foam up? Almost like peroxide?


Did you use just regular Clorox?


My nails turned yellow is that normal?


Thank you sooooooo much I am going to try this.


Do u think this would work for the whole foot? Been batting this for 13yrs and now its basically spreaded over my whole foot!


I also have the fungus on every toe. I'm 14 and I have had it for about 6 years. I told my mom about it but she never took me to the doctors. So I'm going to try this. If it works I'll be warring flip-flops everyday in the summer!!! Thanks. Hopefully it works!


for the past two days and nights,I have been soaking my feet in a bleach and warm water solution for approx 10-15 minutes After filing my infected big toenails down to 'normal' toenail thickness on the surface of nails and filing down at tips of nails.I then have been applying undiluted bleach(household)with a Q-tip to the surface of nail and as far under the nail that i can. within the 48hr I can already see a significant difference. I've had this infection in both toes for over a decade, most of my twenties had been blighted, especially summer time, by the infection, not being able to wear open toe shoes and the rest, embarassment with any love interest... I am feeling evermore positive with the testimonies of fellow sufferers and feel optimistic come July I will be able to holiday in Spain without any toenail infected inhibitions YIPEEE! YAY!! Thanks for the sharing.


I have had toe nail fungus for many years, probable close to 10 years! I have tried everything possible sold in stores and nothing has helped. I have even paid the doctor to do the pin point laser treatments and the fungus didnt go away after paying him more than $400! after reading this post about using bleach I tried it! and its working, I have been doing it for 4 days, morning and night directly with a Q tip and so far no damage to my skin around my nails bu the fungus is clearing up. I first filed my nails down as thin as I could using a nail file, then apply the bleach directly with the q tip. its definitely showing improvement. I will keep doing this until I see no more signs of fungus. Thank you so much for this idea. It working!!


Do you guys file it down every night or do you just file it just the one time and let it grow out from there on?

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