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Ok so I'm sure a lot of people come on here to look for a remedy that will help them right then and there without having to drink or eat something they may or may not have. I have had some bad stomach issues happen lately and one side effect is constipation. There is one way that I have found that works every single time within minutes. Its strange, but so simple. All you do is go into your bedroom and lay on the ground on your back. Next, lift your hips and legs off the ground so they are in the air with your hands supporting your lower back. As weird as this sounds, kind of move your legs back and forth for a coupe minutes doing whatever motion you want. After you do that for about 5-6 min, get up and walk around for 2. Then try using the bathroom again. I swear this has always worked for me. Hope it can help someone else!

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I swear u ar a genius, av used lactulose, took oranges and all, but jst this exercise and am relieved,thank u so much.xoxo


Worked for me!!! Thanks

Linda :)

WOW!! Had to come on here a say thank you it really worked, my hubby is so relieved and so am i don't have to listen to him whine anymore. He gave me a look when i told him about and it didn't take anymore then 5 min.
Works great thank you!


Skeptic now a believer. Thank you.


Wow, it actually worked... o.o

I hadn't had a BM in 4 or 5 days, it hurt so bad, did this after drinking some hot milk and it worked (although not much came out :P ) will try again tomorrow!!


Thanks!!!!!!!!!! Just tried it. I got a lil relief!!!! Again thanks!!!!!


I thought this sounded so stupid but I tried it and it seriously worked. I also had a glass of prune juice about an hour before, so maybe that helped too, but the legs in the air trick worked within minutes.


I was 'clogged' for 4 days, eating as many fruits and veggies as I could, but no help. I tried this exercise and it worked within 20 minutes. A few tips:
(1) Be careful of your neck when you're in that position with your legs and hips raised.
(2) It didn't seem to matter what motion I did with my legs. Just moving them helped.
(3) Main thing: I didn't feel anything happening until the 2nd part--walking. I walked as fast as I could and pumped my arms, and after about 2 minutes, that was all I needed.

I also did one of the other exercises found on this page. I can't put the link but it's a few pages earlier than this one. Lie on your back and slowly bend one knee sideways and raise that foot as if you're trying to touch it to your chest. The key is breathing (I didn't feel anything the first time bec I forgot the breathing part). Slowly breath in as you're raising the foot, hold the foot there, then breath out as you slowly put it back on the ground again. Just keep repeating and alternating feet.
Both these exercises worked wonders and VERY quickly.
One more tip: Don't plan anything for the next 5 hours because you will need to be near your bathroom.


It Works!!! Thank you :)

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