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Ok so I'm sure a lot of people come on here to look for a remedy that will help them right then and there without having to drink or eat something they may or may not have. I have had some bad stomach issues happen lately and one side effect is constipation. There is one way that I have found that works every single time within minutes. Its strange, but so simple. All you do is go into your bedroom and lay on the ground on your back. Next, lift your hips and legs off the ground so they are in the air with your hands supporting your lower back. As weird as this sounds, kind of move your legs back and forth for a coupe minutes doing whatever motion you want. After you do that for about 5-6 min, get up and walk around for 2. Then try using the bathroom again. I swear this has always worked for me. Hope it can help someone else!

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Wow.....amazing! Works quickly and effectively! Thanku :0)


Really did work. I didnt do it for 6 minutes but it worked. Thanks for sharing.


It worked for me too!!
Thank u. Maybe the action just shuffles stuff around do it can move more easily.


Yes! It worked. I thought it was a bunch of BS but I took my chances and was pleasantly surprises. Thank you!


just to add that this worked for me - it'd been a few days without a BM and i was getting pretty worried, tried this for a minute or two and instantly worked! thank you


This Actually Works, I Didn't Expect It To Work But Thanks Be To God It Did.. Thanks For Enlightening Me!!


Guys, I think I'm doing this wrong. Please help. I move back, my legs are bent and my hips are up, I put my hands underneath my hips while laying. I try to move around but then my lower stomach hurts. Am I doing it right or wrong?


U just saved my life! I have never been in so much pain in my life! It worked its really amazing!


Sorry, but this remedy did't work for me. I did it twice and no help. I haven't had a bowel movement in 4 days and I'm in a lot of pain.


hadn't had a serious bowel movement in over a week due to my pain medication due to a back injury( i have been abusing it lately) something i struggle with and hope some day to get it out of my life for good! woke up this morning around 4:30am this morning feeling really bloated and in alot of pain. have tried everything in the last week to help me with my constipation,( exlax, 3 bottles of magnesium citrate at once , consumed more fiber then i can stand and nothing. found this excercise and thought it wouldnt hurt to try. did it for about 5 minutes then while still on my back pulled my legs to my chest and stretched really hard. got up and walked around for a bit, felt like something was wanting to happen but not quite there so i made a strong cup of coffee to see if that was the lil kick i needed! sure as heck within 2 minutes i was in the bathroom and didn't leave the toilet for 20 minutes!! thank you so much for posting this! it really works!!! now if i can just find the strength to stop putting myself in these situations. again thank you for sharing this, i really was afraid i wasn't going to be able to spend my 1 day i have off with my family due to my discomfort!!

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