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Ok so I'm sure a lot of people come on here to look for a remedy that will help them right then and there without having to drink or eat something they may or may not have. I have had some bad stomach issues happen lately and one side effect is constipation. There is one way that I have found that works every single time within minutes. Its strange, but so simple. All you do is go into your bedroom and lay on the ground on your back. Next, lift your hips and legs off the ground so they are in the air with your hands supporting your lower back. As weird as this sounds, kind of move your legs back and forth for a coupe minutes doing whatever motion you want. After you do that for about 5-6 min, get up and walk around for 2. Then try using the bathroom again. I swear this has always worked for me. Hope it can help someone else!

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stomach pain

I had the worst stomach pain. i followed instructions and soon after i was releaved. i also think a person should drink lots of water. every once in a while i drank half a cup of water. well anyways thank u.


this did not work for me, maybe I'm doing it wrong. Are your legs supposed to be straight up?


For fast relief this absolutely works! I was so desperate and thought what the heck I'll give it a try and it only took a couple minutes, plus it's a good tush exercise-lol. Thank you!


This worked great for my son! Thanks!


Lots of kiwi fruit does the job..but dont over do it as too many can make your tounge feel raw...And try cup warm water with spoon brown sugar..


it worked perfectly for my friend who thought I was crazy for giving him this option. He has been sick for a couple days and now he is relieved... praise God!


Omg this works I thought I wasnt gonna ever have a bowlemovement and I tried this and it instaly worked!!!!! You should write a book .... Thank you Jesus

Concerned Father

My 7 yr old complained of a stomach ache. Hurt so badly he didn't want to get out of bed & was squirming around. We tried pepto & hm remedy that included honey, but nothing would work. Finally I read this hm remedy bcs I thought he may be constipated. He did it and sure enough he successfully went to the bathroom. Thanks for sharing this remedy.


THANK YOU . worked right away .


It worked! Thank you so much for the timely advice

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