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I have a horrible cold as I write this, I am so desperate for a cure to my cough that I have bee sitting up until midnight looking for a remedy. But try this, it is the thing for a cough OR sore throat, I discovered when I mixed one of my mom's remedies with one the I found on this website. First, heat up some milk, either on the stove or in the microwave, then add plenty of honey and stir in. Now add 3-4 teaspoons of hot OR cold green tea, and then a teaspoon or two of Bourbon, Whiskey, or American Honey. You can also try just a shot of one of these, or just a spoonful or regular honey. Also try eating bread and butter pickles

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Liane Page

Microwaving the milk will kill all of the natural healing power and all of its nutriants - so it is worthless for any cure... also all other things microwaving does the same thing - you might as well eat card board or drink white water (milk). Also microwave causes breastcancer - BEWARE.


Worked amazinginly for my son, thanks for posting the remedy

Dr Coward

'Microwave causes breast cancer' Please learn about this stuff before posting such tripe. Providing your machine does not leak (check the seals around the door) and you microwave correctly (ie don't overheat), eating or drinking microwaved food is not hazardous. All microwaves do is carry energy to the food molecules which then vibrate, thus becoming hot. If you eat/drink overheated not rested (to allow any excess energy to dissipate into air molecules) you may damage your mouth and oesophagus, as you would if you ate anything else straight from any other type of oven. It certainly won't cause you cancer any more than eating a piece of hot toast will.


Milk will cause more mucous. We have used a recipe similar but with orange juice. Heat up the OJ and then add 1 tablespoon of raw honey. If you have a sore throat add in 1 teaspoon of whiskey. This recipe is for adults only!

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