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have your child hold it a little longer each time has to go potty. then he does this everytime it will cause his bladder to streach and he will be able to hold it longer thourgh the night.

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I wet the bed until age 16, talk about embarrassing. I was a very heavy sleeper. The doctor told me to hold my bladder longer and stop/start the stream when I did go. After a few days I NEVER wet again. I was happy, but upset no one told me this 10 years earlier. This advice is sooo simple and yet so many scary comments here. I've never had bladder infections, or issues. What do all the naysayers do when they're driving in a car and feel the urge? We all hold it a little longer at times, it's not that big of deal. We're not talking about holding it all day, just hold it past the initial urge, then go when the second urge comes. Or wait another 5 minutes, working your way up to 20 minutes or so.


that is how prostate problems occur later in life, a teacher told my son to hold it for like 10 min., she never said it again

Daniel 13

y name is Daniel and I'm 13 years old and I wet bed sometimes but my parents dont know. I dont know what they will do if I tell them that I wet my bed because before like when I was 8 I was wetting and they got mad.BTW i don't have any problems I was in doctors. I really want to wear nappy without parents knowing because they will think I'm childish and they will treat me like 3 years old and what I want its just a nappy so I don't wake up in the morning wet. I tried to talk to them but I bet they will be treating me like small baby. Hmmm GUYS WHAT SHOULD I DO IN THIS SITUATION and YES I got a hard sleep

Daniel 13

Because I have hard sleep I cnt wake up in night and I'm not drinking 4 hours before sleeping and I'm going to bathroom this really embarrass me because when I wake up to school I'm wet and I dont have enough time to wash myself but I'm really trying to always wash myself when I wet myself it never happened in day :( I'm really sad ecause I want to be a normal person...


I'm 13 also. I've used medicine, even upgraded it and also have done this weird thing were people basically put needles on your skins in certain areas. (I know strange right) I am so scared my friends will find out and one of my friends have before and I was soooo embarrassed I basically felt sick to my stomach. This is hard to say but I do wear night time stuff and its so embarrassing to go to the store when my mom buys them. I even prayed before but nothing. Sometimes I've even cried because I hate the thought of being a 13 yr old girl that still wets the bed. I wish I could just be like normal people that don't wet the bed.


And I'm a heavy sleepy so it even sucks!


Untrue. Our pediatritian told us to go as soon as the urge is felt and this keeps the bladder tight and firm whereas 'holding it' stretches and weakens the muscles.

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