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For a sore throught eat dill pickles the viniger kills germs

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I cant have that guess I'm out of luck...I cant have the dill...


I have heard vinegar and water gargle helps but it's hard to get past the taste. I think the pickle would be alot easier - thanks.


BTW - i keep seeing this site that tells us there are better remedies - I, myself don't trust ANY site that can't proof read their information - the spelling is horrible so how much can you trust it?


This was sooooo helpful! i ate one and felt better right after i finished it! Thank you so much!




Amazing!!! I ate 1 (0ne) Hamburger Dill Pickle Chip and I had the first moment of relief I have experienced all day. I will go to sleep now with a bowl of pickles within arms reach. Thank you Very Much!!! None of the traditional remedies were working.
PS. Also great for children...yea!!!!


Great remedy! No prep needed, good relief, and of course it tastes great.

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