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Jack R.

April 2012: I write because twice I have had plantars warts on the bottom of my foot. 1st time the dermatologist frozen-surgically removed it, took 2-3 weeks of hobbling around in pain, changing the dressing, etc., but after all that hassle, wart came back. Dr. tried acid, but that didn't work. Then he tried electric arc, and that didn't work. Finally, I just decided to slice off the top of wart every few weeks, when the callused skin built up uncomfortably. I used a cotton ball, sterile pad or tissue dipped in rubbing alcohol and cleaned a one-sided razor and the wart itself, then used the razor, careful not to cut so far down that it would bleed much or at all from the pinpoint seed-like dots you see. Occasionally I'd have to put a bandage on it until the bleeding stopped overnight. Months later, the wart went away by itself. A year or two later, I got a plantars wart on another part of the bottom of my foot, and this time, decided simply to slice off callused skin as it developed, as above. Did that for about a 18 mos. to 2 years. Then, suddenly, wart disappeared on its own. I know you'll hear a lot of naysayers, oh it's so unsafe, etc., etc., but I suggest the foregoing is one method that has worked twice for me to control the growth around a wart (so it's not uncomfortable to walk on), until such times that the wart has eventually disappeared on its own.

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I have been doing this for several years, and it only gets bigger over time. In fact two more have popped up in the last couple of years.


Just wondering why no one has used nail clippers to clip off the callus? That's what I do to remove the dead skin. I had them on my feet and treated them; they turn black because this is a blood virus, literally feeding off you, the black is dried blood inside of the seed. I clip the callus off and pick the seeds out, yes this is painful but effective and rather quick. Currently removing two on my fingers. They are spreadable, attempt to avoid contact with the seeds.

Nurse Practitioner

Warts are a virus so it makes sense that over time they will go away on their own. Usually though they come back in a nother location. I think most people are on here because they dont want to wait the 1-2 years of a typical life cycle of a wart for it to disappear. The watch and wait approach is not always appeasing to everyone.
Using vinegar is a great option and does help to remove teh wart faster just be careful not to harm healthy skin in the process.

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