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Please try abdominal massage. It worked for me quite well. It is done like that. Press your abdominalquite hard and deep. Search for spots that hurts. And hold it for 30 seconds or more. And repeat it as many times as you can. You have to find for yourself which part of your belly to press in order to feel the relieve. I think for me it was somehere a little bellow a belly button to the right and to the left. But I do the massage of the whole abdominal area. You can search on youtube CHI NEI TSANG and you will get the idea of how it is done correctly.

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I was wondering. Can you rub your belly AND pat your head at the same time? Now switch. Pat your belly and rub your head at the same time.


Wow, I tried that rubbing my belly and patting my head thing - it's REALLY hard. Can you make the Spock Vulcan sign with BOTH hands? I can do it easily with my left hand, but it is really really hard with my right. My wife can do it easily with her right hand but not with her left. Go figure.


I can put my right foot behind my head.

Kim Jong-un

Dear Rondo: I quiet sensitive guy that like walks on beach and quiet sunsets. Somehow I can tell that you are sensitive guy too. Very lonely now that Dennis Rodman left. Would you like to get together for mutual belly rubbing?

Kim Jong-un

Dear Rondo: Thank for good time! What we did not legal. Example must be made. If you survive labor camp, call me. :)

Your Little Kimchi

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