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Firstly, thank you to everyone who are sharing their stories because we need to help each other!

I am another ACV convert. I got my first wart two months ago (during a time of stress) little sucker near my anus, then eventually one became many! I got rid of them all in 4 days, here's how (it's a combo of what others suggest)

1. Start taking a multivitamin, probiotic, garlic tablets and 1000mg Vitamin C daily.
2. Daily exercise (even just 20 mins!)
3. No booze =(
4. Apply ACV for 30 mins in the morn
5. Rinse off with warm water.
6. Apply vitamin E Oil (and continue throughout the day - this stopped my itching!).
7. Apply ACV for 30 mins in the evening
8. Rinse off with warm water.
9. Apply loads of a nappy rash cream, and don't wear undies to bed if you can....

So that's how I got rid of my 'little mates' Doc wanted to freeze them but I am a big chicken and the thought of that is crazy to me!

Good luck everyone, I hope everyone's suggestions help you like they've helped me.

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Where did you get your probiotic pills, walgreens? Walmart?


I'm in Australia so I get mine from the Chemist - I use a brand called '├Źnner Health Plus'...they are ones you need to keep in the fridge.

Because I was stressed and messing with the natural state of my lady parts, I started to feel thrush coming on so the probiotic also helped with that!



I think I overdid the AVC, I burned parts of my foreskin, and developed some pus in some burned areas of the skin! What do I do???


Hi #Scared,
The problem here is not overdoing the ACV but if there is pus you are developing an infection. So go immediately to a doctor or get some antibiotics if can. do it as fast as possible

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