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Whether you catch them early or late. Whether they are popped or still blisters. Neosporin now has a lip treatment formula. Clean the area with alcohol or peroxide and apply the lip treatment. The healing process with start immediately. Before bed, when u wake up and during the day one or twice. Mine have never lasted longer that 2 days but I'm sure it's different depending on the severity. Hope this helps someone.

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one morning I work up with small itchy bumps on my upper lip and my lips became very dry and chapped not sure what is was i began to do research on the internet and I did not find anything that came close to what I might have. So I decided to put alcohol on a cotton ball and place it on my lips for about 20 minuites it began to burn and my bumps went way down.


I woke up near to afternoon and I woke up and I felt like bumps so I told my mom 'wat should I do ' and she said to take peroxide and take a cotton ball and put it on your lip for 10 minutes and after that she told me to put anti-biotic cream and put it there and wait until 2 days. So I waited and it camed off I was so reliefed that blister came off


I was informed by a pharmacist to never use neosporin on a fever blister because it doesn't treat viruses, but bacteria infections. I used the kind with pain meds and the fever blister got worse and worse. Abreva and Nexcare cause my fever blisters to itch. Another pharmacist stated that eating yogurt daily is a good way to prevent the virus from reoccuring. I take L-Lysine daily and when I feel on coming on, I double my dosage and that tends to help as well as Herpercal HL30 lip balm. The biggest help is a perscription from your doctor - Valacyclovir. I think I am going to try the hot teabag/then ice remedy to help the swelling - I feel like Daffy Duck!


What if they are all kinds of little blisters

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