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my ear has been blocked for weeks with sloshing around when lying or bending but always blocked again, it felt like i was constantly on a plane!! debilitating & bewildering,ive literally felt in a world of my own then i discovered a miracle!! dont know if its drained fluid yet but it instantly equalized my ear and after a couple of couple of goes the relief is amazing!! i just want to tell the world in case it helps you too - its called OTOVENT !!its basically a balloon you blow up with a device in your nose and it equalizes your bunged ear stretching the tubes to aid draining-google it!! for me its amazing! it cost about 7 quid and my chemist got it the next day for me-i just hope this relief continues but for now,,,the best its felt for weeks,,,sheer relief !!! incredible, by the way i tried every single thing on here, some all at the same time but this has beaten everything hands down-i feel like shouting it from the rooftops!!!

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