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Lice Hate!!!

I have lice (IT SUCKS) most of the people who live with me have long hair so it comes to the point where everyone of us have it..We have tried the OTC RID which did not work...So I found this website one morning;this helped ALOT.So I put some mayo in my hair,I let that sit there for about 30 minutes then after that I put vinegar;garlic paste;and lemon juice.My hair was dry when I did these steps. Put a plastic bag around your head tightly put it on but not so tightly where you will jerk your brains out trying to get it off.But keep that on for about 2 hrs. Then wash all the stuff you put out.When it gets all out comb it out with just a normal comb of yours get all the tangles out with that comb then get a tightly packed comb;get a little bowl that you wont be using fill that bowl with water(hot or cold) comb each section of the hair.But while you are doing that you must do a section at a time.When you are done with one section put the comb in the bowl of water then do that for out the rest of the hair.When you are done get some dish soap and rinse your hair out with that.Works like a charm!

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I have long hair. So this remedy is okay with long hair? I just don't want to cut off my hair.


Yes it is.. We all have long hair in my family.


i have reallllllly long hair and i hate lice soooo muchhhhh!!!!!!!!!

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