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My wisdom teeth have been coming in for years and usually only ache every once in a while. I have excellent teeth and never once have had a cavity. Yesterday my half impacted wisdom tooth started hurting like hell. Vicodin and ibuprofen weren't cutting it so I switched to Percocet. I finally figured out my jaw was hurting and my wisdom tooth had slimy yuck on it. I took baking soda and made a paste with water. I then used a qtip to rub the baking soda paste onto my tooth. I really got in there good and scrubbed the entire surrounding gum area. Then I took a cotton ball and dipped it in water and then baking soda and wedged it back between my cheek and tooth/ gum area. I left that on for a couple hours and the excrusiating pain was almost gone. Now I've swapped the baking soda wad for a black tea bag. I'm hoping this and another round of baking soda gets rid of my gum infection. After this exciting day I will be sure to swab my impacted teeth with baking soda daily until I break the bank and decide to get them removed.

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