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Believe it or not, I had a wart the size of a quarter for about five years or so. Zapped it at least half a dozen times by the doc. A friend of my father told me that she would buy my wart. Laughingly I sold it to her for a quarter, about the size of the darn thing, right. She told me that in order for this to work, I had to believe in it. Sure, why not? I said to myself. And what followed afterwards, I swear on both my childrens' heads, after a week it started to diminish in size and by the third week, well you can guess the rest. So take this with whatever grain of salt you wish, but hey, if all else fails, try this out. It worked for ME, so who knows, right?

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My Step mom did the same thing with our daughter. Hers wasn't as big as a quarter but my step mom baught it from her and within a week it was gone. Yours is the only other story I have heard of like this. I guess thats why the Bible says we have to have child like faith and just Believe it.


You are both blatent liars.


My great grandmother could rub the wart, whisper something to it, then it would go away. People came from all around to get her to rid them of their wart.
PS the other posters arent lying, your just a bully/hater..


I actually had someone tell me both remedies just today. I am trying the ACV now but will try anything including the ones suggest in your post and the last comment!!

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