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My remedy is the local Urgent Care where I get a shot of phengran and Toradol. Most of the time it works. I hve tried a number of medications and rarely does anything else work if my migraine is really bad. I have always had migraines but they seemd to get much worse after a tubal ligation I had at age 43. My husband tooke me to the ER at least once a month until I completed menopause. Once completed they lessened to about one every 3 months. I honestly believe the tubal was the cause due to an imbalance in my hormones after it.

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I also believe tubal ligation makes u have imblance. It cause me to have headaches and lost of blance sometimes. I am 40 anyone know what a person can do for these symptoms?


I am 28 and had a tubal 3 years ago. I have had severe migraines ever since. I had a accupressure test completed that showed I had a hormone imbalance. I believe it is due to my tubal but doctors tell me im crazy!! I have two children and there are days I can not function due to my head hurting so bad. I just wish someone could help me feel better :)


That's nice, but it's not a home remedy.


Your not crazy, I know several women that had perfect or near perfect health..including myself, and every one of them have had either one or all of the following side effects ever since the tubal ligation....
Headaches to debilitating migraines, * Severe menstrual cramping & longer heavier flow, *Intense pms mood swings, *Low Labido, *Tender breasts (regardless of size or support used), *Onset of facial hair (much more than a little peach fuzz) including thicker hair everywhere hair existed beforehand except on the head and even some have experienced hair loss /thinning on head, *Loss of self worth or purpose, *Lack of energy and stamina. Had I been informed of the above listed possible side effects from getting tubal ligation.. I definitely would have opted out if not completely run the opposite direction! I'd give just about anything to have it reversed :(

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