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When I was 11 I got a plantars wart (after being confirmed by my mother who also has one). I guessed after researching what causes them, that you an pick them up from unsanitary floors or being barefoot, that I got mine from the floor of the locker room of my school. However, to cure mine, I simply took:
*1x Alcohol Pad
*2x Q-Tips
*1x Bottle of Hyd. Perox.
*1x Circular Band-Aid
(OPTIONAL) 1x Medical Tape
I took the alcohol pad and cleaned the surrounding area on my foot, then, I dipped the end of the Q-Tip in the Hyd. Perox. and applied it to the wart. Then, I took the circular band-aid and applied it to the wart. Then to suffocate it further, I applied medical tape over the band-aid. Now this next part may seem a bit weird, but I took a magnifier lens and I concentrated sunlight onto the wart after I dressed it with band-aids. I did it until It got warm, then I stopped. I did this 5 times for a week.
The inside of the wart had turned black and started to fall out. I washed my hands thouroughly and pulled out the black part with very little pain.

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If warts are caused by a virus, suffocating it is useless. Viruses dont need oxygen...


I have a wart and i have been scared to try all of these remedies.. So does this one hurt and does it work without the wart getting worse?


Thank you for sharing your experience. I love how young people can just think out of the box so easily...i.e., sunlight through a magnifying glass. Love it. Thanks again!

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