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As I have writing this, my pain has gone from a 40 on a scale of one to ten, to a 2. I have suffered tooth pain for almost 6 years now, and only ever been able to have minimal dental work performed, a couple of teeth extracted and a few cavities fixed, as I am like most of you here. I make barely enough to support my daughter and myself, not enough to even afford the payments of financing the dental work, or outright pay the price of a new standard compact car to fix my teeth (FYI dental insurance is crap if you need extensive work). My remedies are very effective for me, however, not everyone’s physiology is the same, so I hope this works as well for you as it does for me. My main go to pain reliever is 800mg of over the counter Ibuprofen, inflammatory drugs reduce the pressure. This is relieving enough to get some sleep and will sometimes kill the pain altogether, though it is not to be taken on a constant basses or the effect will eventually where off. In addition, a series of worm salt water rinses, which may hurt at first, will help if the gums are sore and infected, it takes a while but it works, and baking soda with lukewarm water will relive that irritating burning feeling on your teeth, most of times (never swallow and rinse well after a while). Furthermore, if the pain continues, learn to identify the exact cause; this will help you in knowing what to do for the pain. DO YOUR RESEARCH too, don’t just take everyone’s word for it. Cavities, tooth decay, gum disease ext. they are all different but may all be in the same boat, your mouth, and some remedies do not mix well. If there is an infection present, do everything you can to get your hands on some antibiotics, but know what they are, and what there for. I was straight with one, Dr. anonymous, at a clinic once, he prescribed me some (not all doctors will do that), athough, I have been known to call everyone I know and collected their leftovers (again do your research, critically, know what you are taking and how it works), antibiotics will kill infection and work wonders. Learn prevention strategies, stop eating crunchy stuff, candy, gum, taffy, well you get the point, in most cases this is what will start the pain if you have bad teeth. Learn all you can, try my remedies and others to find what works as it may be a long time before you can save up for a dentist. In short, these remedies work well for me, and many of my friends who have suffered the same thing. Do your research; learn what works for you and do all you can to prevent things from getting worse as it may take several months to several years to save up enough money so you can have a dentist fix your teeth. Also, there are compassionate dentist out there (who do not feel you need to give them your first born simply because they have a PHD) that will work with you, you have to look around though, a lot, but you can find them.

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thank you for your post, ive just read it and proved a few pointers to my boyfriend!

Frank M.

Have your tried this site.

A donated dental site. Helps people get in touch of dentist who volunteer to get disabled and the poor better dental care.

Check the state location for your state to see who to contact.

This may take up to 3 years to get the dentist. but you will be given a dentist to go to within that time. This service is not for a dental emergency.


i think you should go to wamart and go to the pharmacy


I also take the over the counter 800mg ibuprofen. It takes away the pain in no time for me.

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