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I have had problems with acne on my forehead, light acne on my chest and neck and severe acne on my back, but of all the remedies I have read through and tried on this site, I have found that washing your face, chest, neck, and back--wherever the acne appears, with Dawn dish soap has helped get rid of the acne the quickest. I highly suggest you to try it and hopefully it works as well as it does for me! (: Good Luck

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Wat do u mean by dawn dish soap


Its dish washer detergent. Dawn is a brand.


does it have to be dawn washing...?like the specific brand?


oh ny gosh i just did this and its already shrinking cant wait to see how much better it is by morning :)


are you sure this works? i don't want to wake up with a bigger pimple!


In dawn brand there are power clean, bleach and some more which one must buy?


I have the same problem.. acne on face,neck and back..n lil near chest. Please suggest which product of dawn should be used. There is power clean, dish washing detergent, bleech etc. What to use?

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