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I Have had toenail fungus for 20 years on my big toe. The nail was lifted almost all the way, but still attached. I then read about the Listerine solution and since I already some for my gums, I thought why not? I might add I got the generic and I got the antiseptec blue color. However, I didn't like the idea of soaking my foot so I got an eye-dropper and daily put four or five droppers full under the nail until it ran out and into the sides of the nail. My nail was already green and thick and I could see the blue line under the nail so I knew it was reaching where I wanted it to go. After a couple of weeks I could see new pink nail coming up. It's now been several months and my nail is seventy-five percent pink and normal. I won't use nail polish untl it is totally cured. The hardest part of this procedure is lifting my leg up onto the sink. It takes all of one minute once a day and I am very excited to finally have a clear toenail in sight. I never filed the thick nail and used just one nail file for that toe so as not to contaminate the other nails. The end is in sight. Hope this works for others.

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Hey, what about special insoles? In my opinion cedarsoles are a very effective way to cure nail fungus immediately.

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