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To get rid of those pesky hiccoughs, all you need to do is bend over towards the floor and take four to five swallows of water from the opposite side of a cup or better still a coffee mug. All that is needed is a little bit of coordination, and you will have a very simple yet efficient solution.

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My mother taught me this trick at a young age. It really does work every time!


I have been using this techinique for many years now. It is the only one that works for me. When I see someone who has the hiccups, I tell them this and they think I'm crazy. I'll bet 10 dollars with them that if it doesn't work, I'll give them the money. If it does work, I get nothing. I have not paid a single dollar yet.


Hell yes! works every time!


I found that taking a drink of liquid and swallowing with your head tilted down(chin to neck)works just as well and is a lot easier.

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