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I had a stomachache that continued on for 2 weeks. And today, about 10 minutes ago, I finally got rid of it by just throwing up. Sometimes you have to wait it out. If it's cramps, a heating pad can help. If it's the feeling that 'you ate too much', that can be solved by just waiting awhile for everything to digest. Most of the times I realized when my stomach hurt, I ate something and felt a lot better. But if your mouth waters and you have a stomach ache, it's most likely that you have to throw up.
Also, these help for just upset tummies:
-Carbonated drinks (Preferably sprite or ginger ale, as the coloring in some soda or etc. may upset your stomach.)
-Sleep (Sometimes, you just need to sleep it out.)
-Water (It helps me a lot.)
-Medicine (It really just depends on what stomachache you have. If it's 'sour' or 'upset', then tums or pepto-bismol. If it's bloated, Gas-X.)

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