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This isn't so much a remedy as information concerning what brings migraines on. A lot of people don't realise what foods, and fruits, contain vaso dilating amines which basically cause the arteries and veins to swell causing the migraine. Most people know that cheese and chocolate are the main culprits and that cheese contains tyramine and chocolate contains phenylethylamine (not sure of the spelling) and that both contain vaso dilating amines. But not many people know that raspberries, avocados, bananas and oranges are high in tyramine and especially so if they are very ripe. And especially orange juice as it's more concentrated. Another culprit is Aspartame which is found in diet cokes. People choose diet over ordinary sugar not realising that Aspartame is a dangerous chemical and that it turns into formaldehyde at room temperature and has been known to cause strokes in monkeys. (So why is it in practically every child's soft drink on the market??) And it also causes crippling migraines in susceptible people. Vegemite is also high in Tyramine, as are all products containing Yeast Extract, such as Marmite. Yeast Extract is present in flavour enhancers, such as Bisto and Gravy Granules, packet soups and tinned mince, that kind of stuff. Some people are also sensitive to onions. A very good book on vaso dilating amines in foods is one called: The Migraine Guide and Cookbook by Josie Wentworth (No, I'm not the writer :)Another trigger to watch out for is hormone replacement patches. Also if you delay changing your patch and then put a new one on, the sudden increase will trigger a migraine, so you need to monitor them to see what does trigger a migraine and what doesn't. You could try cutting bits of the patch to see what works best for you. Or cutting them in half when you've forgotten to change one and then adding the other half later. Finally, the only drug that's ever worked for me is Imigran, also known as Sumatriptin. I will not go anywhere without them. They can knock a migraine on the head in half an hour. So if you're suffering I suggest you beg for this because it works like magic. Hope all this helps some poor migraine sufferer somewhere as I know what you're doing through :)

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Dude I totally just read this and realized why I had a raging migraine today! I drank lot of water and ate plenty.. But I couldn't figure it out til I read that bananas have that trait-and I have eaten like 3 today. So good to read an artical about fixing our body's natural healing mechanisms with what we put in for it to use, instead of chemical band aids. Thank you :)


Cannot agree more! Nitrates, alcohol, aged cheeses nd diary are also some good ones for me in addition to the ones u have already listed. I too do not leave w out my immatrex or topamax. I also, get cervical epidural injections in my neck. I end up in the E.R often. This is a silent disease that people or DR can't see and some still refuse to accept.


ive used every drug possible wirh little effect Nd the only one that ever helped was ZOMIG but its expensive and hard find. maltex did nothing. topamax makes me a dope case.....sumi (imitrex) still works. ice Helps briefly......


This has been the most helpful thread I have read about migraines. Fruits of any kind would trigger a migraine for me and after reading your comments I have been in control of preventing a migraine for 5 weeks now. That is huge for me. Thank you so much for your information. I feel relieved and finally feel like I have the tools to defeat migraines for good.

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