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My RLS has been getting worse every month even though I take clonazepam and mirapex, lyrica (fibromyalgia) and cymbalta!
Out of desperation one night, I rubbed on some menthol type gel for aches and pains (almost any type will do, like Bengay or blue stuff) I didn't want to get the gel all over the bed so i dug out a 'knee Brace' that I pull up above my knees where it hurts most. A MIRACLE FOR ME!!
It works very well( most of the time)!! I now use two, one above the knee, one below. I just bought new ones at dollar plus, for my arms which are affected also. NOW...THE BEST THING IS that I bought them in the DOLLAR STORE!! They are dark blue, tube shaped , (U PULL IT ON OVER YOUR FOOT UP TO YOUR KNEE) and stretchy @ 6 inches high and maybe 8 inches around. The name on the label says SIBOTE SPORTING GOODS. I bought 2 of each type....all different sizes for calf or thigh. For me, this is a life saver.
My mom suggested putting saran wrap around the area and then putting on the brace. I might try it if things get worse..
Questions for anyone:
Does Mirapex help anyone?
Did anyone think that they were getting Parkinsens disease...i read that the symptoms are similiar.
What type of doctor do u use?

Thank u all for sharing your really helps me a lot!! I didn't know that others had this same problem and how badly if affects your lives..God Bless.

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Please, ask your doctor or do some research, I think cymbalta specifically and anti-depressants in general aggravate RLS. I have to live with RLS and sometimes it is horrible all night agony. About the best I can do is try to eliminate the things that keep me in pain and awake All night. So for me, that is no cymbalta, no caffiene after noon, and Benedryl or anything with Benedryl's active ingredient diphenhydramine (Tylenol PM and otc sleep aids have diphenhydramine). With a little luck, I can get to sleep by 1:00 on a very good night or at least 3:00 on an average night. The cymbalta and the other things on my list keep me up til 5:30 or later. I know that everyone is different, but you might want to check out the possible bad effects of cymbalta. Good luck.


I hv found that Mirapex works best for me - been using it for several years. My legs settle down 20 min after taking it......thank goodness!


Mirapex worked well for me as long as I took it before symptoms started. But it made me feel hot and sick to my stomach nearly every time so I quit taking it. Maybe I should have taken it every day for a long time and maybe the side effects wouldn't happen but who knows. Still searching for something to help.


Maripex has been the wonder drug for me. I take it about an hour or so before bed and have not had a problem for about 2 years. I would love to be med free, but the thought of having to deal with my RLS just makes it harder to try changing to a holistic med.


Not quite sure if you did or not but do NOT put a brace or cover over any topical cream! I work in a
Pharmacy & have heard my pharmacists say this on different occasions


I have taken Mirapex since being diagnosed with RLS in 1998 (For years I thought it was just me - didn't know there was a name or treatment for it). I started on a lower dose, but now take 1 mg Mirapex 4 times daily. As long as I take it regularly, I don't experience symptoms.If I miss doses, symptoms begin whenever I sit down late in the day. Please try it.. Mirapex is all I take for RLS. I take the generic now and there's no difference in the effectiveness. But don't miss doses!Good luck!


I tried Mirapex and it did not work for me. It not only did not work but it made me sleepy soon after i awoke and i was tired all the time.Check the warning label on it too. I have found that 1. alcohol makes it worse. Also i had a cup of tea at 8pm last night and it is 2 AM and nothing i do is helping. I am going off of anything after 5 pm but water and see what happens. Mine began following a pregnancy 40+ years ago and I have been fighting it since. Jean


I have been taking Mirapex for a very long time and I found that it wasn't working. I had to watch what I ate make sure I did not have any thing salty or sugary before bedtime. I posted a question about my symptoms and that I was taking the mirapex about one hour before bedtime, it was suggested that I should take it 3 to 4 hours before bedtime and it works for me.


I see a Nuerologist for my Restless body syndrome I call it now,because it has taken over not only my legs but my back and arms as well,The doctor prescribed Requip,I take the generic which is called ropinerole,the doseage can be adjusted to the severity of the RLS and so long as I take it as prescribed I am not up all night jumping,The electric shock treatment when the rls starts up is outrageous and this med seems to calm that alot.I still have not found anything that works totally yet,but I dread being without this med,it is very painful and uncomfortable all together.God bless and help you all with finding comfort and rest.,B


Mirapex made me sick at my stomach, so I was determined to get away from it. I tried tonic water which helped, but I couldn't depend on it every time I had RLS, and it seemed to work less well the longer I took it.

I read on another website that vitamin B-12 was a remedy for RLS, so of course I bought some immediately and started taking it. It works best for me if I take two 2,000 mg tablets just before I'm ready to go to sleep. I've been taking it for about three weeks now and so far have had no RLS symptoms. B-12 is a water soluble vitamin so it isn't dangerous to take extra. Any that your body doesn't use washes out in your urine.

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