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The best way to cure arthritis is to eat Ox tail and bone marrow very often.
I know a lady who is 55 and she developed mild Arthritis because she constantly uses her hands and puts a lot of strain on them them when she cleand and cooks.
She started eating Ox tail for a while and she was able to move her fingers freely again with no pain.

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That is so interesting that Ox Tails would solve the problem. I'm going to try that remedytoday!


- I know right? This video is amazing. I had heard about Ian Ruhter's work when they shot the cagipamn for Foursquare. While I thought it was really cool, I had no idea what it really took to make it happen.I also have never given up my film cameras and darkroom. I still secretly hoping for technology to halt in its tracks and take a little backward slide so that film can make a comeback

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