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I dont know if any one else said this but baking soda is a life saver in my house. My daughter is very prone to ear infections so of course from the antibodics she is prone to diaper rashes/yeast infections. My cousin told me about the baking soda and well it works. I have a two year old son also who loves to help mommy with his sister and the first time i tried the baking soda bath he ended up dumping have of the box in the tub instead of the 2 tbsp and my daughter's rash was gone the next day. So the more baking soda in the bath the better just from my experciane anyway.

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Kathryn M. Walters

Baking soda is great for a lot of things! I was born with a large number of allergies! When I was little my Mom put me in a tub of water anywhere from half to one whole cup of baking soda when I had an allergic reaction to something! It reduces swelling and Really helps ease the itching!!! As I have gotten older my allergies have gotten worse! I put baking soda in all my baths! I've learned that it can help in many ways! To releave allergies! It makes skin moist and is great at making hair soft!!! I mix it in my shampoo!


My son has been off and on ear medications since Feb. He just now after getting tubes put in his ears, has this horrible horrible rash. I have tried EVERYTHING, with creams (including fungial, stuff from pharmis) act like it is help, then after 3 wet diapers it is back. Even stopped giving him milk, juice, only gave him power aid for 2 days hoping that would help. Nothing. I have 3 children, he's my youngest and I feel like I'm a bad mom cause I can't fix it. Trying the extra amount of soda now. Thanks

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