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Diana R. Rodriguez

first wash your babys bottom with warm water and pat down her/his butt and let the bottom area breath freely for 10-15min. after each change, my daughter had a very raw bottom yesterday and i tried everything from desitin to butt paste.....i took her to the ER yesterday and they wrote a perscription for hydrocortizone 2.5%. I swear by it as last night her butt was as red as a tomato, and about as raw as it gets before the bleeding process. This morning her butt is back to normal and all it took was less the 24hrs!!!! Love it....p.s. Hydrocortizone could be used for a face breakout or rash as well per Dr.

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So glad I came across this. My son is sick and his poop is burning his butt bad. I left my diaper rash cream somewhere and can't find any spares! But I just so happen to have some hydrocortisone. I hope it works! Thanks!


Cortisone can thin the skin so I'd use sparingly on the face but it is magic!!!


be careful using cotisone creams in the long run they can make things worse


Hydrocortisone is dangerous for children, in Canada it is not even sold over the counter. It thins the skin. Use should be only as a last resort and very infrequent. Try pure lanolin as a skin protectant and keep away from acidic foods for your little one, like strawberries, oranges/juice, and tomatoes. Yogurt is helpful, plain unflavored yogurt applied directly to the skin soothes inflammation and combats yeast, which often is the cause of the rash. Hope this helps!


I am glad others have posted warnings against using hydrocorizone; I would never use it on a baby, it is dangerous.

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