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I posted this earlier in the year, and I see a few are trying it with good results. So I thought I would post it again, My wife has suffered for along time, her's has been cleared up for almost a year now. It does work well with plaque psoarsis!!! here is the original post. She also tried Butt-aid from Walmart not the same does not work! it is missing parafin (wax).

I know this sounds strange it only cost a dollar, but it works!!!!!
try Baby's Butt-Aid from the Dollar Tree store. The scales have stopped even the redness is gone
only Baby's Butt-Aid (which is the name) from the Dollar Tree store works it comes in a yellow tube.
just put on the thinnist layer

we are up to over a dozen people with plaque psoarsis it has cleared up. still using it continually once a day. be sure to shower using head & shoulders for your soap or equiv.

Also add 50 mg of zinc that seems to help in keeping psoarsis away.

We stumbled on this by trying everything on the market, we found everything works to a slight degree but after using for a short time the psoarsis came back. With the Butt-Aid it has stayed away.!!!!!!

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Louisiana Girl

Try this Boudreux Butt Paste you can find it at Walmart and other places. It has many ingredients that could help. They also have a website. Look up Boudreux Butt paste helps

What makes the goo so effective is its combination of ingredients. It contains zinc oxide, which acts as a moisture barrier and prevents chafing, and Peruvian balsam, which heals the skin and increases blood circulation in the area. The balsam is anti-bacterial, so it stops infection, and castor oil helps reduce pain and promotes healing.

The paste is the colour and consistency of putty, and although it is thick, it is absorbed quickly. It smells very sweet. I used it on a small but stubborn patch of eczema on my arm, and within a day it had cleared up and stopped itching.


I posted the use of butt aid from dollar tree stores back in 2012, for help in controlling plaque psoriasis, my wife still uses the case I bought her back then, the butt aid is still helping today.


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