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I posted this earlier in the year, and I see a few are trying it with good results. So I thought I would post it again, My wife has suffered for along time, her's has been cleared up for almost a year now. It does work well with plaque psoarsis!!! here is the original post. She also tried Butt-aid from Walmart not the same does not work! it is missing parafin (wax).

I know this sounds strange it only cost a dollar, but it works!!!!!
try Baby's Butt-Aid from the Dollar Tree store. The scales have stopped even the redness is gone
only Baby's Butt-Aid (which is the name) from the Dollar Tree store works it comes in a yellow tube.
just put on the thinnist layer

we are up to over a dozen people with plaque psoarsis it has cleared up. still using it continually once a day. be sure to shower using head & shoulders for your soap or equiv.

Also add 50 mg of zinc that seems to help in keeping psoarsis away.

We stumbled on this by trying everything on the market, we found everything works to a slight degree but after using for a short time the psoarsis came back. With the Butt-Aid it has stayed away.!!!!!!

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margie instead of boudreaux butt paste which contains mineral oil which is petroleum based. try your coconut oil, almond oil, or olive oil. internal healing is the key. best of luck :)


Thanks for the advice yeah the butt paste worked at first but it's back .I think I'm just gonna stick with the coconut oil and my aloe Vera juice and flax oil I also cut open my vitamin E and just used it on my legs it seems to stop the burning and itching .praying this goes away soon!!!!


one of the best thing for 'p' is sunlight as long as you don't burn. it produces vitamin d3 different from pill form. the best way to control it is through diet. creams, steroids, immune suppressors are temporary fixes and actually make your 'p' worse. the problem is toxins and your digestive tract. if you fix these the body repairs itself. 'p' is an internal problem. every one tries to fix the outside and it keeps coming back over and over again. i don't use creams, moisturizers or anything just diet. its about 7 remedies up. good luck


I've had a 'patch' of psoriasis on my scalp (sideburn area) for the past six months. Tried the Baby’s Butt Cream, Aloe Vera, soaking the area in Epsom Salts, apple cider vinegar, etc. Finally went to the dermatologist and was prescribed Lamisil tablets and OTC hydrocortisone 1%. cream. After 4 months with no results I went back and he injected the area with cortisone and prescribed Trianex .05% cream. Better results since it’s not as bad but still a little redness. I think shampooing with Neutrogena T/Gel shampoo helped (my dermatologist recommended that I leave it on for about a half hour and sit in the sun, I guess the coal tar interacts with the sun). But there is one thing I would like to point out. I started using Jason Dandruff Relief shampoo and it seemed like overnight the “patch” completely disappeared, so I don’t know if was a combination or just the Jasons). I read Salicylic Acid and Neem Oil is good for psoriasis and thought I’d give it a try. I just read a review on Jason’s and the person said it cured his dandruff after one use. I’ve only used it two days now so we’ll see but so far so good. Try the Jason’s first ($12 on before spending $240 on a dermatologist like I did.


Would some of you please get off your high horse? Stop screaming at people to change their diet. If we wanted to hear about that particular option for treating psoriasis, we would be on the thread that talks about it. I for one would rather be in an early grave that, with psoriasis, than completely change my diet and lifestyle (and drain my bank account). Save your comments on diet change and your 'psoriasis bible' for another thread!


this is a thread that talks about diet. its sad that some people won't help themselves. just give me a pill, shot, or cream so i can continue my destructive lifestyle. if you have 'p' wouldnt you want all the options available to you? i tried a lot of remedies like on this blog, they all made the 'p' worse. we are trying to give people a short cut to permanently control 'p'. if your on here then obviously you haven't got rid of your 'p'. like dr. phil says 'hows that working for you'. when you get sick and tired of trying all these other temporary remedies. the diet is here. just because you would rather die than change diet, there is 5% to 10% of the people like me that want a natural permanent solution. best of luck on your long long journey to beautiful skin.


I didnt think this post was about diet change at all....weren't we taking about butt cream? >.>


Not only that, but not everything will work for people the same way. The fact of the matter is, the only way we can find a solution is through trial and error. There is no cure, but home remidies help. Some work better for some people more than others. Not saying that diet change wouldnt help, but there is alot that can be done and that is not the only factor. Smoking increases it, so maybe if you smoke, you should stop. And what about stress? Dont we all have that? And that inflames it the most! Haveing 'p' all my life has shown me that Trial and error is the key. And if something doesnt work for you, dont bash someone for suggesting it when it worked for them. You're probally just jealous because theirs is gone and yours is still there. :)


trial and error huh? you should be able to do whatever you want to yourself. a lot of people died for you to have that right. but when any one can get on here and say spraying windex or dipping her baby in bleach bath is an acceptable remedy. thats not trial and error its child abuse. tell child services its just a remedy. i personally don't care if you use babies butt aid just that your aware that it contains poisons. just letting people who are not informed like you are; know its not a consequence free solution. at least you know or can research yourself if the risk is acceptable. if it is go for it.


'thankful' i care about you and your wife so much i did the research for you. on 5/9/12 babies butt aid will no longer be shipped to california addresses because the product contains UNACCEPTABLE LEVELS OF LEAD AND CADMIUM per california standards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you can contact

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