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My mother is an Audiologist (ear specialist) and I have a degree in health. BE VERY CAREFUL PUTTING ANYTHING IN YOUR EAR! Many of these 'remedies' call for putting vinegar, alcohol, or peroxide in your ear which is VERY DANGEROUS. An easy and fast way to relieve ear pain is to heat up a washcloth in hot water or a heating pad and lay down with the affected ear on it. Do this for at least 30 minutes (heating up the washcloth as needed). Take ibuprofin- this will reduce the swelling in your ear. Make sure you see a doctor to make sure it's an infection, in which case you will need antibiotics. If your ear is especially painful SAY SO and make sure you ASK for numbing ear drops if you want them. They can make quite a difference in terms of pain. Also, something easy that will relieve pressure is to use Afrin (a nasal spray). Lay on your back with your head hanging off the side of the bed. Turn your head toward the side of the affected ear. Then use the Afrin but NOT AS A SPRAY. Turn it upside down and let 4 drops drip into your nose. Leave your head over the side of the bead turned toward the ear ache for about a minute. You will feel it go through your nose and toward your ear. This should provide some relief from pressure very quickly. Again, make sure you see a doctor if the pain persists.

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C in SF

I was having vertigo and dizziness to the point that I felt like going fall down so I went to the doctor and he told me I had an inner ear infection and he gave me a prescripion for Meclizine which has the same active ingredient as over the counter Dramamine. It's a antihistamine. If your pretty sure it's not something else that's causing your dizziness ie like stroke or brain injury, this may help.


OK so i have had an ear infection.. for last couple days and went to doctor around the 5th day he said i had ear infection swelling ear canal. so i was prescribed anti biotic drops and pain drops which insurance covered completely. i went home and used them as directed every 4 hours .. 2 days go by nothing happening... so i used wizard powers with Google and found this site read ur thing and said why not sounds easy enough rather then putting sum weird chemicals or oil in my ear. i took a rag socked in hot water making it warm ... put in on my ear (which would only last like 30 min) and went to bed... i woke up completely healed... ik i said wtf also ... i couldn't feel any pain or infection for that matter... you are a good man for sharing this remedy... in which case i love u... in all seriousness.

the 14 year old

Ok so I had an ear infection about 2 weeks ago and I went and got some meds. They helped. Till I quit taking the which I know was stupid. I went swimming in the lake and I think my infection has come back. In my other ear. So I'm up trying this at 6 am cuz I can't sleep.


Tried the Afrin thing. My nose and throat started burning, I started producing large quantities of saliva and then I puked. Well, at least it takes the attention off the ear pain.

sushil persad

hey , thanks for the advice , its 3am and i had a killer ear pain jus a few minutes ago , tried a warm towel and the pain jus disappeared , again thanks alot .

Peroxide helped me

I Used peroxide 3% in my infected ear. The solution began to fizzle, heck, it erupted. This indicates the infected material is being scavenged by the peroxide. I repeated the process multiple times over many days. It helped my problem big time. I had a ton of pain and pressure in my ear canal. The peroxide helped. However, it didn't cure the problem only helped. After the peroxide treatment, a great deal of pain and pressure would subside. Be careful when using peroxide 3% solution because, it is a mild skin irritant. Some people are more sensitive than others. when it irritates my ear canal, I simply rinse the canal with water. All better...


Tried the Afrin. Very strong results. Try 1 drop only. Totally cleaned out my upper sinuses. Felt horrible all evening. Next day ears less plugged. Thank you

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