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My mother is an Audiologist (ear specialist) and I have a degree in health. BE VERY CAREFUL PUTTING ANYTHING IN YOUR EAR! Many of these 'remedies' call for putting vinegar, alcohol, or peroxide in your ear which is VERY DANGEROUS. An easy and fast way to relieve ear pain is to heat up a washcloth in hot water or a heating pad and lay down with the affected ear on it. Do this for at least 30 minutes (heating up the washcloth as needed). Take ibuprofin- this will reduce the swelling in your ear. Make sure you see a doctor to make sure it's an infection, in which case you will need antibiotics. If your ear is especially painful SAY SO and make sure you ASK for numbing ear drops if you want them. They can make quite a difference in terms of pain. Also, something easy that will relieve pressure is to use Afrin (a nasal spray). Lay on your back with your head hanging off the side of the bed. Turn your head toward the side of the affected ear. Then use the Afrin but NOT AS A SPRAY. Turn it upside down and let 4 drops drip into your nose. Leave your head over the side of the bead turned toward the ear ache for about a minute. You will feel it go through your nose and toward your ear. This should provide some relief from pressure very quickly. Again, make sure you see a doctor if the pain persists.

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Ruth Stone

I agree that it may be dangerous to put things in your ears but I think you are missing the point. People are doing these things so that they don't have to take antibiotics and ibuprofen or nasal spray etc. Which have at times each been proven harmful themselves. Thanks for the heat pack and hot washcloth method however I think I will have to try that.


I agree with Ruth. I was looking for something instead of antibiotics as these are dished out be doctors as though there is no risk of horrible side effects. Please keep an open mind to more natural remedies.


i agree, there are other tatics such as drinking omni plus or other vitamins that will do the same job, without having to use 'meds'

Reality Check girl

First-- i would have to disagree that peroxide or vinegar is 'very harmful' considering that i have had MD's tell me over the years to try vinegar and have had other medical doctors pour peroxide and water to clear out wax from my children's ears as well as treat for infection.

Second--Antibiotics are not without danger or its own problems in terms of bacteria building 'resistance' thereby making antibiotics far less effective.

Two years ago i had a bad case of Urinary tract infection. I was given the strongest antibiotic they could give at a doctors office.
Pain or infection didn't go away and they were going to hospitalize me to give me very powerful antibiotic treatment via IV. This treatment carried significant risk, including weakening my immune system and making me suceptible to picking up all bugs that could be found in a hospital.

I refused, went home and treated myself by drinking a mixture with a tablespoon of vinegar, a teaspoon of baking soda in 6-8 ounces of water. An hour later the pain had subsided about 80\\%.
8 hours later the pain was nearly all gone and 24 hours later the pain was all gone.
I continued to treat with this mixture 2-3 times a day for 4 days.
Went into the doctor for a pee test and the infection was all gone.
case in point--doctors and their antibiotics don't necessarily have all the answers.


I just recently was prescribed an antibiotic for my ear infection. I prefer natural remedies but for sum reason I didn't think about a natural remedy for my ear! Shame on me... Now I am having to worry about the ear infection not clearing up due to resistant bacteria which happens, on top of the side effects of these antibiotics which I shamefully read after a couple days of treatment (I got my prescription from CVS where I asked for possible side effects and all the pharmacist mentiOned was nausea!!! Not the side effects including, yeast infection, eye problems & a severe intestinal condition that could start now OR months from now! Basically a minor ear infection has lead to possible serious health issues because of what I was prescribed to treat it with. So telling me vinegar is harmful is pretty silly in comparison.


I agree that we all need to be more aware of the goodness of natural remedies and the nasty side affects of all these antibiotics which causes more harm then help. Plus the money you save with natural remedies is awesome in itself.


I AM an Audiologist, and I agree that putting anything in your ear CAN be dangerous, but I wouldn't go quite so far as to say that it is always dangerous or inadvisable. The ENT physicians I work with often recommend homeopathic remedies before jumping to antibiotics. A warm compress is a great suggestion. Some warmed sweet oil is one I often hear them recommending, as well (just a few drops). I will caution that if you warm one ear up significantly you may cause yourself some vertigo (spinning, dizziness), which would be temporary, but might be frightening.


I believe I have had an on going ear infection since swimming the bay in 2010. I do not have insurance and have seen over 6 doctors, and 4 out of 6 told me to take sudafed (srry if spelled incorrectly). Not one doctor said I had an infection.
My ears(s), especially my right ring all the time, feel 'clogged', itch, and have an oder. I also experienced 8 terrible weeks of vertigo just this past september, it was so bad that I lost feeling on my face just under ears, around jaw, cheeks, AND in both of my feet and was UNABLE to walk for 48 hours.
Even then I was unable to get antibiotics for what I still strongly believe IS AN EAR INFECTION, possible much worse now thanks to 6 different doctors!!
I just want some relief, and I am willing to try these home remedies; I will let you know what happens.


When I grew up in the 50's and 60's, warm sweet oil was the home remedy commonly used, as going to the doctor at the drop of a that was not economically feasible. It worked very well for me and my siblings.


thank you people for not all becoming sheep to the pharmaceutical industry! The pharmacist told me today there are no natural remedies for ear infections! i say bull! they are so dam brainwashed in their own occupation! trained to have a closed mind!!

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