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Hot Pepper !

GUYS ! this is the perfect Home Remedy to use ! get Liquid Silver 40 PPM or stronger up to 500 PPM, go buy Pure aloe but make sure its clear in color, the clearer the Aloe the better, you buy it at Walgreens or CVS, Step 1. take the aloe and put it in a container and fill it 1/2 way, then take the liquid Silver and fill it in the container to the rest of the up to the top of the container. Step 2, mix the two togather, the blacker or darker the aloe gets the stronger concentration of Silver percentage you have in the gel , then use the Silver gel on the infected areas just like any other gel, apply 2-3 times a day ! the infection will be gone in 2-3 days, the Silver gel you have just made will last several years, if the gel becomes dry and hard, just add more liquid Silver to it to soften it up and use again and again ! The silver gel once applied will instantly stop the itching and burning and it kills out the Ivy or oak ! This is the best stuff a person can use ! I highly recommend this Remedy !

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I'm commenting on the Aloe vera/Silver remedy for poison ivy/oak...OMG this stuff really works! Thank you so much for the information. FYI: I used 97% aloe vera and 30ppm colloidal silver 50/50 and it immediately relieved the burning itch! Thank you thank you thank you!

florida mama

My 11 yr. old son came into a breakout of P.I. walking his dog...up all night itchy and night two with no sleep and using all the over the counter creams to no help, i finished staying up reading these posts and heres whats working great for my son as its almost gone....
wash in cold water scrubbing with Gojo Cherry Gel Pumice Hand cleaner.(you don't want to spread p.i. oils as i've read soap will; and cold water to keep the pores closed) followed by dabbing peroxide with cotton ball, (more drying of the blisters and sores to help heal with sanitation) leave it on for a few minutes then rinse with warm water to open the pores (as this is the medication you want to soak in for more drying and relief)then using this mixture of egg white and cornstarch making a thick paste drying with a hot blow drier till very very dry and cracking. (heat helps with itch, plus more drying) wash it off with cold water and Gojo, (helping break open any remaining blisters and reducing the oils therefrom) follow with dabbing it with peroxide; (more sanitary and drying) then pat dry and apply the silver and aloe mixture.
repeat 3x daily.
during the day, i found we only needed to use the silver mixture one time,I think because kids are so active during the day the most troubled times are in the evening when all the commotion of the day has settled them down to notice it even more...
Also, as i didn't feel the school would allow us to bring it there for them to use the home remedies so i just kept him home for a few days and treated him myself.
once all the spots are dried up and not oozing anymore, i'm going to follow with silvervdine cream (probably spelled it wrong, but its burn cream from the doctor, which was for my other boy from last month)which should finish clearing everything up nicely with no marks, i'm praying; but if I didn't have this, i would simply use a cheap over the counter antibiotic cream or ointment to replenish the skin of some oils once again and to reduce the chance of any infection and any marks left from the Poison Ivy.
Hope this helps someone, as I went thru all 20 pages here reading and researching to find the best answers for treating mildly without much pain.


Where would u buy the silver stuff? I need to try this and see if it helps. So tired of being up itching and its went from my legs to the tops of my feet now and in between my toes, and from my arms to my neck and now I feel it on my face. I'm going to explode, I want to scream!


you can buy the silver a a health food store or maybe the Vitamin store...i just applied and i have instant relief of itching, praying it will dry up, I am in my brother's wedding in a couple weeks, ahh! good luck


THis remedy works soooo well! It is a miracle cure to stop the itching. My daughter climbed a tree that was covered in poison ivy last a few days ago, and she has been in misery. She hasn't sleep in two nights. I tried this as a final attempt at relieving her before we took her to the doctor for steroid shots. The itching was immediately stopped. She is FINALLY able to sleep! THANK YOU for posting this remedy! It works like a charm!


what brand do you guys use? I am having a hard time to find any of those...
do you guys go to pharmacy?

Thank You!!!!!


I bought pure aloe and 500 ppm silver and mixed them 50/50 (they were 4oz each) and took a hot shower and scrubbed with dawn antivirus
Bacterial dish soap, hot water rinse and as soon as I put this mixture on it made me itch more than with just the scrubbing and the hot rinse.


These are suppose to be HOME remedies... but I'm going out on a limb and guessing that not everyone just happens to have some sort of silver paste in their home !!

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