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Ok so about a week and a half ago I had one of my wisdom teeth highly infected I took a little antibiotic and 3 days ago I had my 2 bottom wisdom teeth removed.. It was fine until 2 days later this AWFUL pain came back and spread to my other teeth face and ear! I went to my oral surgeon and he said its a dry socket. Whoopee. He put a dressing, small gauze with CLOVE OIL inside the socket and was told to go back in 2 days.... I screamed when they were putting it in but 10 minutes later WOW Byebye pain killers and I ate in happiness. I woke up in the morning with horrible pain again, so I decided to purchase the clove oil because not even Advil was helping. I took a q tip put it on the gauze that is in my tooth and relief once again! I will suggest if you don't have a dressing in your tooth to put the clove oil on a gauze and let it rest, or put it on a qtip an key it sit there. Yes it may test awful but SO worth it. I'm about to go shopping and get my nails done after days of aching pain!!

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Jerry Wiggins

My tooth hurt so bad I was told to use my own sperm to heal it. I jacked off and placed the baby juice in the tooth socket. Within 2 days it was completely healed and a brand new Perfect Looking Tooth grew in. The only problem was the new tooth had a 'Penis' that was coming out of the top of the tooth. Everytime I chewed food, I was killing my new penis. If you are going to do this method, make sure to get an ultrasound of your baby juice before using it. If it has Female DNA 22354-445 in it, it will work fine. Hope this helps.


oh lordy lordy, my 1st extraction, and wow, dry socket!!!! neuralgia on one side of my face, thankyou, i have clove oil in the cupboard and ive taken as many pain killers allowed, so here goes with the q-tip and clove oil

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