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I think this is probably the best site I have found where it is people helping people with certain remedies that have yielded success in their own lives. For that, Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.

I've read through most of these and it has only been a week since trying a few of these suggestions out, but the outcome so far is worth it. I started to develop small dry skin patches on my left side (rib cage area) that had expanded a little and also on my right shoulder area that started working its way down to my chest area. It does start to make you self conscious and with summer right around the corner and tons of pool parties that will happen, I wanted to find a solution to help keep it under control. this site is everything I was hoping for as I am not one to go spend a hundred bucks on creams that may or may not work.

Here is what I have been using for the last week and I hope it might help someone else out. All of this, I purchased from Walgreens.

Dr. Teal's therapeutic solutions Epsom Salt

Aveeno (active naturals) Moisturizing Bar w/ natural colloidal oatmeal

Rich conditioning petroleum jelly (cocoa butter)

I take a salt bath after work (3 times a week - Mon, Wed, Fri) and I soak for 20 mins, gently washing the Psoriasis areas a few times. After the bath, I apply petroleum jelly for the night to the areas (not clumps of it, but I make sure every area is covered evenly)

When I wake up the next morning, I take a shower, luke warm water and wash with the Aveeno soap and after my shower, I apply my petroleum jelly.

I have been doing this for only a week now and I have seen my spots go from red colored starting to develop the dry white flakes, to almost skin colored with no white flakes visible.

This site helped me so I hope it helps someone else out.

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im gonna try this one.


Feverfew is an herbal mecaiitdon that has been shown to be possibly helpful for migraine headaches. I've used it once and my migraine went away, either that or it appeared when I was asleep. Either way, it's something you can try but make sure it doesn't interact with any of your other mecaiitdons before using it.

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