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Hi guys.. happy to see sooo many people beating warts with ac=v.. I've had a wart for years and in beginning I showed it to a doc and he said it was nothing. i was in denial and let it be. now years later i showed it to another doc and he confirmed wart. he did cryo freeze on it once a week for 6 weeks and it was gone. then small warts appeared a week later on my shaft. i showed it to another doc and he prescribed aldara. i read horrible reviews about it but still gave it a shot. it didnt do anything at all. so i looked for remedies and here i am. with acv the warts just exploded and now they cover my whole shaft. im on day 2 of treatment. first two days i had it on for a few hours in evening and at night i use tea tree oil. but i will change it to acv all night and tea tree in evening. maybe my warts are more resilient and might take time because they have not changed color but just increased tremendously in numbers. at least they are all out i guess. i dont have NO burning sensation just a tingling feeling. maybe my skin is strong and acid not affecting it ?? i will appreciate any advice.

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You'r acv might be a weak version of the acid?


It might be late but be that as it my. The acid is cali fosincle matter pH5. It is very week but it not the strenth you must worry about. It dosnt need stregth to eat. So be careful when you handle the GWs with tea seeing ass how the acid gets stronger and more of them pop up. I no. They keep makeing apperences. Don't give up!

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