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I have an abscessed tooth its been about 4 day now and i cant get into the dentist for another 5 days i was at my breaking point it hurt so bad i was on my knees balling and begging my husband to rip my tooth out with some pliers. i had been reading things on here the day prior when it wasn't terribly painful and was managed with tylonal...but that was no longer helping ether... so i tried a number of things suggested if i had the stuff around the house a lot of them would provide a moment or two of relief but it was not long before i was in tears because of the pain again... i finally broke down and went to my local ER not knowing if they could do anything for me... but hell i couldn't sleep anyways might as well give it a shot to my surprise they were very helpful. They did a dental block
( numbing shot ) gave me an antibiotic ( Amoxicilin) and some tylonal/codene! they told me the antibiotics would take about 2 days to work...i cried thinking about the pain i would have to endure the next two my surprise i was getting relief the next day. what i did to get through the first day was tylonal3 then 2 hours later IB profen then every time i would eat or smoke or anything involving my mouth i would brush my teeth and rinse with warm salt water. im on day 2 of antibiotics and am noticing a huge difference i haven't had to take any of the pain meds in 7hrs! moral of the story...these remedies provide momentary pain relief but you should get antibiotics ASAP if necessary go to the ER and all these posts about putting heat to the cheek... absolutely NOT i told the dr i had tried that and he told me you should NEVER put heat to an infection!

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