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I get cankers A LOT. They are usually the size of your little finger's nail, so theyre sorta large. One remedy is to put a small slice of thinly cut potato directly on the sore. It will hurt for about 15 seconds, then it will make it numb. I hope this helps anyone who understands how bad these hurt!

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omg me too i got hit in the face with a tennis ball witch caused it and ever since my canker sore never wants to get off ive tried everything and the pain is outstanding.


I get cancor soars often but not alot but im in school right now and its killing me to sit here trying to do my work and get it Done!! i needed something to help it. and i found something. all you have to do is put salt water in a cup and put it on your cancor soar and let it sit for 30sec to a minute. it is a-mazing!!! :)


Sometimes moles are just cancer. CHECK IT OUT NOW!!!!!!!!! I would be worried!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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