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I have really bad asthma, and it has no apparent trigger. When it starts to act up, do NOT breathe fast or really deeply. The best remedy i use is to get a straw and breathe normally but hold your breath in between breaths for about two seconds. Carbon dioxide will build up and it will open your airways thus resulting in better breathing. You can also use this method without a straw.

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I followed your instructions and it subsides. I can breathe better and no tightness of the chest. Thank you for your advice. God bless


im doin it now it seems to helpin thank u


Just done this remedy, it really works and brings up any mucus on my chest, thanks


Thank you so much. This trick really calmed me down and now I can breathe.


trying it thanks! how often & how long should i spend doing this ?? will it get easier ?


Thank you for your tip. I just tried it and it worked quickly.


Yes it works. I take a deep breath, hold, try to breathe in a little more and hold as long as I can.


Actually according to my wife; an RN, holding your lips together as you exhale will help bleed off (get rid of)carbon dioxide. This is basically the same thing that is accomplished by exhaling through a straw, also it slows down your breathing and often someone fighting for breath will breath too quickly (and build up carbon dioxide. I would try slow deep inhalations through the mouth or nose (if it's clear), then close the lips or use the straw to exhale slowly and fully.


This remedy does in fact work. It also makes you slow down and concentrate on your breathing- getting it closer to normal.

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