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Restless Leg Cure = marijuana. Plain and simple. Eat it, smoke it. It's everywhere! Or take horrible prescription Meds that destroy your liver etc.

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Drink a glass of pure carrot juice from a juicer not blender, 5 nights on the trot and it's worked very well for me, also don't eat after 6pm avoid tea coffe... Coming from someone who has had RLS for 5 years pretty much every night!!!


It works for me, but I also find it makes the recurrences of RLS worse. When I stop using MJ for a week, by restless leg subsides and then only activate when I have sugar.


Medical Marijuana is benefical. I have recently learned of Green Haven Too Medicated Lotions. WOW It is multi use! Everything from taking pain away to being a bug repellent. It's all natural ingredients too. After applying it on my temples & back of neck. In 3 minutes I was feeling relief of the re-occuring headache I had since whip lash from accident. I'm single so I don't know if I'm kicking less. However, instead of waking up every 30 minutes I woke up once. I think that says a lot. You can find the Medicated Lotion The phone number is 360-600-2614

RLS since 14

There is no pain. you must have someother kind of sleep disorder. get off this website and quit confusing the issue.


Wish weed worked. I'm high now, it's after 3 am and I can't sleep cause my legs have the shakes!!


Green Haven too really does work
We extract only the pain (CBD) part from the plant so you do not get high. It relieves all pain ms, cancer related, restless leg syndrome, relaxation to sleep, fibromyalgia...etc
It also comes in 30 scents and does the pain and all this:

also spf 60 if you forget and get snburned it takes it away
bug repellent
usable from hair to toe.
poison ivy/oak
heals tattoos, burns, and soo much more
Try it donation is 20.00 prove us wrong we dare you

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