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Try using Ear Candles. Homeopathic specialists or natural health stores carry them. Follow the directions for them. Be certain you have someone with you to help you, and be patient.

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I've had sinus infections and ear infections since I was a toddler, lots of DR visits and even surgery to put in and then (12 years later) yank out tubes. Ear candles have really helped me as an adult, now that I've been, thankfully, forced off the western medicine regime by not having insurance. The amount of wax in the candle varies, and I have never felt unsafe. If my ears are feeling especially funky, I will drop some ear drops or a bit of oil in a few minutes before to soften everything up. The USDA has made a wide scale attack on traditional, non-pharmacutical methods, from drinking kombucha to encourage healthy guts, to unpasturized, healthy probiotic yogurt, to prohibiting the labeling of Non GMO food. In that same vein, ear candles have been subject to some bad press, but take it from me - its all bunk!


Ear candeling can cause damage. If a lot of websites and youtube videos started SAYING exercise was life threatening I'd laugh. But the candling vids and websites break it down and tell why it is a snake oil remedy. Most ear candles are not allowed to even be sold as medical treatment devices. Get one, light it (over a pan, the melted wax that flows out is a bit of a pain to clean off your table), and then cut it open after it's burned the recommended length. That stuff in there isn't ear wax, it's candle wax. These things were not used by natives (I am half apache and half navajo and live on a reservation near Wild Horse, and we think they're stupid). Heat has always been a treatment for ear aches.

Sonja W

For my degree in music education I had to take a class on the throat, noes, and ears going over health issues and general care. Every single teacher that came it to talk with us and the audiologist all said do not use ear candles as they have been proven to do no good and will frequently cause medical problems.

If people like them, they can get the same warming effect from a warm washcloth or heating pad.




I just pooped my pants


I dont know much about ear infections but I do know that these ear candel treatments can do more harm then help.. Infact they dont do much and the smoke is bad for your ear

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