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I realize now this all started with extremely dry, chapped lips. Thought it was due to the cold weather. It led to a crack in one corner of my mouth, which as you all know, hurts like a b*tch when yawning, eating, drinking, laughing, anything.

Thought it might be a cold sore and freaked out because I've never had one before, but after some research on the internet, I stumbled across this site and decided to try a few things.

What I do first thing in the morning is wash my lips and the corners very very well with antibacterial hand soap (mine has zinc in it, figured it couldn't hurt), then dry. Soak a Q-tip with apple cider vinegar. I hold the Q-tip to the corner of my mouth (it does sting!) and then pile on a bunch of Carmex or Vaseline. I do this before bed as well.

I've also been taking a B Complex vitamin every day now for several days, and in case it's an iron deficiency, have been upping my meat intake, as well as iron-rich veggies such as spinach and broccoli. Raisins are also a good source.

It's definitely helped a lot with the cracks and the scab that formed is almost completely gone. I can open my mouth as wide as I want now and it doesn't hurt. I'm hoping a few more days of this treatment will eradicate it entirely.

My problem now has more to do with the redness around the corners of my mouth. I can't tell if the infection is spreading or due to the irritation from the soap and the apple cider vinegar. It is obviously highly acidic so not exactly kind to skin. It basically looks like I've had some issues drinking orange kool-aid. It's almost worse than the initial issue, but I'm hoping it will disappear as soon as I don't need to use the cider vinegar anymore.

Anyway. My advice is, before you waste money on expensive creams, try the combination of the antibacterial soap and the apple cider vinegar. But as another person pointed out, make sure you seal it with Vaseline or Carmex (something petroleum based). The Carmex/Vaseline also has the advantage of making it feel a lot less painful right away. Also, a multi-vitamin or B-Complex can't hurt. The B vitamins are water soluble (just like Vitamin C) so you can't really do any harm with that. Throw in some extra iron for good measure, but exercise caution. I wouldn't recommend taking an iron supplement unless you first get your iron levels checked, as, unlike Vitamin C or B, too much iron in the body CAN be toxic. This especially applies for men, who need less iron than women.

For women, especially if it's that time of the month for you, it might be worth upping your iron intake.

As someone who used to suffer from vaginal yeast infections, I would 100 percent recommend that if you even suspect your issue to be yeast related, it is definitely worth it to stay away from sugar and bread for a bit (and up your sugar-free, Acidophilus yogurt intake). It's probably sound advice anyway. You'll have the added benefit of losing a couple of pounds.

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thanks for sharing. what would normally take months to heal, I was able to heal in less than a week. Years of embarrassment now have hope, thanks again.
(murfreesboro TN)


How is this supposed to react.?

gohan capetwn

wat typ of antibacterial soap?is tetmosol 4 scabies right?


I suffer from this annoying condition too. Until I found this miracle stuff which i want to share!

I recently bought some 'Dead Sea' salt and I've been washing my wash, specially the corner of my lips with this. It has worked wonders so far. Inflammation has gone down dramatically. I also bought B-Complex vitamins so I'm only guessing they have helped also!
But right now I'm swearing against Dead Sea salt.

I might try the apple cider vinegar as well!

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