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The remedy that i use every night, is the following ingredients -
1. Coffee grounds
2. Oatmeal (i use uncooked for exfoliation)
3. Vicks Vapor Rub (comes in a little jar)
4. egg whites.. (or the whole egg)
5. sugar. (also for exfoliation)
6. extra virgin olive oil
7.Lotion that is very creamy and thick.. like Cetaphil. (the one that comes in a big jar is good)
8. baking soda
ok, i had my baby three months ago, and i used all these products and it made my darkest stretch mark fade away after one use..

first i start by rubbing the Vicks over the entire area where i have stretch marks. evenly spread it.. even though it smells strong, LEAVE IT THERE.
then i rub the olive oil on top of that.
i know, it's a mess. (make sure you stand up and do this, BTW: it's best to do it nude so you can get all the spots..) do thatfor about three minutes.
then get a cup or a bowl and crack the egg and get the egg whites. or use the yolk too if you want.
and mix it with the sugar,oatmean, and coffee and baking soda..

and rub all of that on you'r area's with stretch marks. Massage that in a circular motion for about 5 minutes, especially on your problem areas..and let it settle in a little while so your skin absorbs it.) Lastly, take a cool shower and if you have a loofah, exfoliate while you're washing off the remedy.. you could do it twice a week.. but i do it everyday.

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I tried it today.. No results, but its smoother!
Will update in a week. :-)


How long does it take to start working


I found that it did work my stretch marks are faded on my stomach the more noticable ones. (Dark Purple and Fresh not old) they were less ridged and the color faded a bit. One's on my breast small and not to noticable have completed faded of color minus a couple that I am sure will eventually. The ones on my thighs are the same as my breast faded considerably but still visable a bt. I will keep trying and see if it continues to fade the color. Awesome thank you...also I have heard aloe vera works well there is a plant behind me so I am going to give it a shot. I will update on my progress...


I just tried it I am 14 years of age kinda over weight and i didn't use the vasoline and i rubed for 5 min's and i just got done and It works i did one side not the other. And the side that i did is starting to fad and the other is still red thank you so much god bless you (:


Hey guys, I have really old stretch marks....they're white....I've tried your remedy tonight....and I didn't see any difference....I don't expect a miracle to happen right ill try it again exfoliated my skin really nicely though....if I continue everyday or at least 3 times a week do you think it will make my marks less visible? I have them all over, arms, breast, waist, butt, legs...plz help!!

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