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the other day my daughter told me her head itched and when I looked I saw she had lice. Of course my first reaction was to freak because HELLO there are bugs in her hair... I tried the OTC RID but it doesn't seem to have done much. I did find some dead bugs but she has long THICK and Curly hair so now I am moving on and trying the listerine and vinegar road along with blow drying and straightening. I also did a OTC treatment on myself at the same time because we had been sharing a brush and naturally I am convinced there are little bugs crawlinhg all over me now. I will also do the home made remedy and I will post tomorrow how that works. But I have a question for all of you out there. In 2 days I have a hair appointment to get my hair dyed and was wondering if I should cancel or if this would still be ok. I don't have any nits that I can see and have only found 1 louse on me after obsessive searching(though I am certain there are more) also I have short hair (chin level at longest) that I blow dry and straighten everyday. Any thoughts would be helpful... and again I will try to follow up with how this works *fingers crossed* because I feel bad for my daughter who is also freaking out because there are tiny bug in her hair. (opps that may have been my fault but I did quickly reassure her that it was ok and very common and that 'Mommy had lice when I was about your age...')

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Have been using this remedy for about 3 months. I can say it does kill the bugs. We just keep getting them back.
Contantly picking my daughters head. I hope this works for you. We are to the point that this will become a weekly ritual.

Aly Thompsett

In my house lice is almoat a common occurence. But keep your appointment. (The die will help kill any nits if any) and i have seen that if you take normal rubbing alcohal and soak your hair. In a VERY ventilated area then rap tightly with a plastic bag. Leave for about an hore maybe hour and a half. (Make sure your ears are not in the plastic bag) then rinse with palmolive and use conditioner. Then sit in the sun and have someone look through your hair with a tight comb. I hope this helpa (:


I know this is an old post but I thought maybe down the road someone else would have the same question.

If you don't mind telling your hair dresser, then by all means, go...but you HAVE TO tell them. You would not want someone before you going in and not telling them and the same instruments get used on your matter how good they clean their instruments. They need to make sure that they put those instruments aside and clean all around where you have sat (waiting area, THE chair, :) If you don't tell them, they will more than likely see it and you don't want them to be caught off guard.

If you don't want anyone to know...cancel the appt. Work on getting the lice issue solved. OR if you're friends with your hair dresser, they may be willing to come to you.


The only thing I will tell you is.... If you have one bug in your hair you have nits. They lay their eggs as soon as they hit the head. Sorry but you might not want to go to the salon because as soon as the see the nits they will send you aw ay.


first of all its against the health dept law for a hairdresser to do your hair with nits or bugs in your hair. You would be risking the salon. Once your lice free, would you want to be in a salon with others who have lice? Just wondering!

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