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Just got over a bad round...I had at least 7 different spots on lower right side. My wife who is a nurse practioner suggested making 'magic mouthwash'. It's 2 parts liquid Milk of Magnesia and 1 part liquid Benedryl (I just used the generic kids version). You can additionally add liquid lidocaine if you have it for pain relief but it's not necessary if you don't have it. I just measured it out with the dosing cups that come with liquid medicines. Put the mixture in your mouth and swish the sores with it (I did it for about 30 seconds) and then spit out the solution. You can do this several times throughout the day since you aren't swallowing it. Be sure not to touch the sores with your tongue when you are done so that the coating stays there. The benedryl blocks the histamines of the sores and the milk of magnesia works to coat the mouth. I had recovered completely of these sores that I had on Friday by Monday am. I also took Vitamin B12 and Zinc each day. The solution will having a numbing effect to it. Hope this helps! I'm putting this post on here because it was a very quick cure.

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Wow, My Dr. Just prescribed me the ' Magic rinse' 4 days ago....for $50 that my Ins. Says doesn't 'qualify' as a prescription.
Although it does provide some relief, I have not had as positive results. : (


My kids Dr told us about this several years ago. It works and quickly to. I have even tried it myself and it helps so much.

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