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For itch relief use a hairdryer. Blow on the area until you cant take it anymore and move to the next area. This will give you at least 4 hours of itch relief and help you sleep at night, and costs you nothing.

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Don't know if this was put here as a joke? but we tried it and the heat
only intensified the itch...grrrrrr


Not a good idea! I think(it's got to be!!) a joke as heat of any kind opens up the pores and like you noticed intensifies the itching!


do not know about hair dryer but scorching in as got a water as you can stand for as long as you can will subside the itching for a few hours


the hot water and blow dryer tricks DO WORK! This is not a joke. You have to be able to tolerat the pain of the hot, but the heat does take the itch out! i about scalded my leg off, but it wouldn't itch for hours!!

Jimmy from NY

NO JOKE! I am the originator of this post. Blow the hair dryer over the infected area until the heat of the haird... starts to burn and almost hurt. Remove the haird... and the itch is gone.
My wife is just getting over her rash, and the dryer trick was her sole relief.
If you say it only agrevated the area then you did not apply heat until it burns.
Please let me know if it worked for you as well as it does for my wife and I.
Jimmy from NY


I thought I would try this or anything at this point to get rid of the itching. It worked very well and also reduced the swelling. I held the blow dryer in one spot till i couldn't stand it moved to the next spot, then went back over the same spot again. Thank you it worked.


as i sit here and read all these rem's i keep hearing bout the hair dryer.... so i go to the BR n get mine!! as i scroll and read the others bout pee,deodorant,borax,Clorox,nail polish,etc,etc,etc,i just man up n scorch the crap out of it... i held it on there so long i watched the oil come out of my skin... dab off with Kleenex n keep going... swelling is subsided,no more itch

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