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Take 3 aspirin 500 MG then about 2 hours later take 3 tylonol then 3 hours later 3 aspirin again and repeat this process until you see a dentist.

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If you take these pills like the way you've written, you're more likely to die sooner than later.


I think that you mean take ibprofin 500mg and then 3 hours later take asprin and alternate them like that.

dr n

DO NOT DO THIS, max dose of aspirin is 300-900mg every 4-6 hours (max 4grams per day). and aspirin NOT to be taken by under 16's.


This is bad advice. You will destroy your liver doining that. You alternate between Motrin and Tylenol.
800mg Motrin 6-8 hours/ After 1st Motrin dose. Take 500mg of Tyelenol 2 hours later. 3-4 hours later you will be ready for the Motrin again.


Too many pain killers will burn the ligning off your stomach. And that is just as painful as having toothache. It happened to me, it was the weekend and didnt want to pay extra.


Please do NOT do this! This is just wreckless. You WILL end up overdosing and destroy your liver. Please, I know toothache is bad and unbearable but you will put your life at risk doing this.


I hope no one does this...
As a nursing student we have learned how Tylenol damages the livers of teens 'attempting' suicide. Not thinking of long term affects they are permanently damaged.
This is a very BAD idea for BOTH medications mentioned.


Ibuprofen 800 works alot better x

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