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This worked wonders for us. We tried rid/nix for months & couldn't get rid of it so I got on this site & found this. Leave denorex in for 5-10 min (kills the live bugs), rinse, put in suave coconut conditioner (leave in). Then someone needs to go through her hair thoroughly with a nix/rid metal comb (found at Walgreens or Walmart). We can buy just the comb at Walgreens. Then wipe all eggs/bugs onto a paper towel. Put paper towel in a plastic bag & tie & throw away. Then you need to blow dry her hair ALL the way until its not wet. Then flatiron. The combing is the most crucial part, especially for the eggs. We did this daily for 7 days last time & it was gone by day 3 or 4 but continued to do it to make sure. Hope this all helps. Cleaned, vacuumed, & lysoled the whole house. Also wash all bedding & clothing. This was the only thing that worked for my family.

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What kind of denorex shampoo did u use the kind with coal tar or the exra strength with the slactic acid???

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