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I was in intense pain with an abscessed tooth and couldn't get to the dentist for several days. Should have went immediately but the pain wasn't that bad when I called. In any event I tried a bunch of home remedies but none really worked until I stumbled on my own concoction...... This provided almost total relief and my tooth was still pain free the next morning. Was able to sleep all night and actually eat some solid food that morning!

First I pour a couple teaspoons of SEA SALT into a 1/4 glass of warm water. Held that in my mouth for about 10 mins or so and DID NOT rinse out. Just spit out the salt water.

Next I took a tea bag (black tea) and cut one end off. Put in a teaspoon or so of BAKING SODA with the black tea. I used raspberry flavored tea because that's all I had around. Folded the bag up tightly and wet it with warm water. NOT SOAK... just good and damp.

Squished it as flat as I could and inserted it between the tooth and lip and let it alone. In about 15 mins the pain was gone? I actually thought I was going nuts because when it stopped I couldn't believe it. BTW.. there was NO broken gums or pus oozing out or anything like that.... so it didn't simply open up and drain itself.

Exactly how or why it works I have no idea nor do I care either!! lol I only care that this morning I'm able to go out to my shop and get to work. I can actually eat solid food and stop taking pain killers. It's my own damn fault for avoiding the dentist but I will not do that again. Learned my lesson the hard way...

I hope this works for anyone that tries it. It did work 100% for me and provided total relief very quickly. Good luck and get to a dentist or professional as quickly as possible...

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this sounds very good I'm gonna try it =)

Lisa Thurman

Im trying this remedy hoping it works bc this pain is unbearable


Thank u so much this realy helped a lot and saved me money!! God Bless You!!!


I am tryin it as I type, I hope it works cause my tooth is hurting so so so bad! I will get back with you as soon as i am finished! :)


i'm trying this. the pain is worse than labour


I skipped the salt water for 10 minutes and used green tea instead of black (all i had available) and it worked great pain is almost completely gone and swelling is greatly reduced. THANK YOU!!!


Thank you thank you! Was at my wits end...couldn't find any fish tetracycline at Wally World and by the time I got home my tooth was throbbing so bad, face swelling...I knew what I was in for! Last resort, googled home remedies for abscessed tooth. Have the teabag in my mouth now...I did use the sea salt for about 8 minutes and that in itself brought some relief. This is working I can feel it; I can't say this enough...THANK YOU.


in the middle 0f trying


Trying now.. I can already tell a difference just by the tea bag being in my mouth. Hope this works.. I'm tired of crying over this dang tooth!


Thank you so much it worked

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